The Inquisitive Mom’s Guide to Twitter Parties Using Tweetdeck.

New to Twitter Parties? No Worries. 10 Easy Steps and you’re on your way!

Basic Terminology for Twitter Parties

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What is a Twitter Party? Twitter parties are a great way for like-minded people to gather together at a virtual party to talk about a topic, product, company, or all of the above.
Who Hosts Twitter Parties? Twitter parties are often sponsored by a company and hosted by a blogger and/or social media specialist. 
How Do I Win Prizes? Twitter parties have different rules but generally require an RSVP ahead of time and require participation using a public twitter account to qualify. Your RSVP is usually your entry, but some parties pick winners from participating tweets..

What is a Hashtag? A hashtag (#) is the party topic. When you use a hashtag, like #clothdiapers, your tweets will show for anyone searching for that hashtag. Essentially, it allows everyone tweeting to attend the same party and chat.
What is a Twitter Handle? Your twitter handle is the twitter username you select for yourself. If you want to converse with someone directly in twitter, you use the @ in front of their name. This is called a “mention.” For example: If you wanted to talk with me on twitter, you would mention me anywhere in your tweet using @InquisitiveMom. You can  mention several people in a tweet by using the same method and leaving a space between the mentions. For example, @InquisitiveMom @OurPieceof Earth @Sunshine Praises.

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How do I Write a Tweet? This handy symbol in the top left will let you write your tweet of 140 characters or less and share it. Don’t forget to leave room for the hashtag!

How do I Reply to Someone? Hit the arrow key to directly reply to someone and it will automatically add mentions for you. Just add your messsage to the box that pops up.
How do I Retweet a Tweet? If you like a tweet and want to send it out to your followers, simply hit the double arrows and it will pop up. You can add your own text, but you might have to edit if the message exceeds 140 characters.
How do I Favorite a Tweet? If you love a tweet, let someone know by hitting the star below their tweet.

How do I See All of My Options? Hit the three little dots below a tweet and you will see a menu of choices. Simple click on your choice.

How to Set Up TweetDeck for a Twitter Party (Updated 10/16):

Just follow the easy steps below to join us and have a great time!

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1.Don’t have a twitter account? Creating one is easy at
2. Before the party begins, create an account at This will be your party venue and the place to chat with hosts and other party-goers.
3. Complete your RSVP, if one is required. Often, only the first entry is required, but complete more entries for additional chances to win a prize.
4. A few minutes before the party, go in and set up your Tweetdeck space for the ultimate party experience. Here’s a great tutorial from Toronto Mom to get you  started. This is a screen shot from the last twitter party I hosted to provide a visual of how I set up my screen.

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5. Using the + sign on the right hand, choose the “@Mentions” box and add your twitter handle. This will create Column 1. Be sure to make your settings “public” in twitter if you have a private account (public is the default setting). If people can’t see your tweets, you can’t join the party.
6. Using the + sign on the right hand, choose the “Search” box and add #(Party Hashtag). This will create Column 2.
7. Using the + sign on the right hand, choose the “Lists” box and add @(Party Host Twitter Handle). This will create Column 3.
8. Using the + sign on the right hand, choose the “Lists” box and add @(Special Guest Twitter Handles), if there are any participating. This will create column 4.
9. Create a tweet using the blue box in the top left and add #(Party Hastag) to the end at least once during the party. This hashtag will allow the other participants to see your tweets and will add them to column 2. Tip: Write #(Party  Hashtag) and copy it, then you can just hit “Ctrl V” to add it quickly to all tweets.
10. Relax, join in the conversation, and have fun! Learn about a fantastic company/topic/product, cross your fingers for a win, and make some friends along the way!


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