Laundry Quick Tip: Hanging Lingerie Bags for Dirty Socks

One of my most popular post of the year, Easy, Inexpensive Laundry Organization for Kids, introduced the idea of using lingerie bags to keep socks together in the laundry. This idea worked relatively well for our family, but needed a bit of tweaking.

We found that the lingerie bags would find their way to the bottom of the laundry pile or
underneath kids beds and they would forget about them. After purchasing removable hooks for our Christmas decorations this year, my husband  had a genius idea: hang the lingerie bags from hooks next to the laundry baskets in our rooms.

Tim made a run to the dollar store, where hooks and lingerie bags come in multi-packs. He hung two hooks with two bags for each person in our family (this way a bag would always be available for dirty socks) above dirty laundry baskets. This made the lingerie bags visible and easy to remember – our two year-old even understands where his dirty socks go now.

On laundry day, I simply zip up the full lingerie bags and then toss them in the washer and dryer with the laundry. This makes keeping socks together and folding them a cinch!

What’s your favorite laundry tip?


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    I started doing this after reading your original article, and I would say to not fill the bags too full. If you overfill them then the socks don’t get fully washed and they take forever to dry. Granted, I do have to take my clothes to a laundromat, so the problem could be those washers and dryers.

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