How to Make Cloth Diaper Key Chains and Cloth Diaper Ornaments

I’m in the midst of doing my second review for Babyville Boutique (giveaway coming soon!) and I started to wonder what I could create with the PUL scraps from my diaper and backpack projects. Then it hit me: cloth diaper key chains and ornaments. I have two key chains and two ornaments for my Christmas tree and adore them. A fellow cloth diapering friend and I share a January birthday and I decided to create a key chain for her.

This tiny diaper pattern looks deceptively simple, but creating your own key chain takes some preparation and patience. That being said, if I can create one, anyone can. Ultimately, this was such a fun project, I found myself trying different PUL scraps and fleece combinations. I even added some fun star KAM Snaps to my friend’s gift.

Cloth Diaper Key Chain Tutorial in 8 Steps


Two 5″ x 5″ Pieces of Fabric – You can use any fabric you like for this project. I used PUL for the outside and fleece on the inside, but cotton or felt would work as well.
Size 20 Snaps – 2 Sockets, 2 Studs, 4 Caps
Snap Press or Pliers
Key Chain Loop (Optional)


Step 1: Print and cut this free cloth diaper key chain pattern from Simple Diaper Sewing Tutorials. I needed to print mine landscape for correct sizing.

Step 2: Pin pattern to each fabric and cut. Use a tracing wheel and paper to mark places for snaps if you
want snap placement to be exact.

Step 3 (Optional): If you would like to add an embellishment, machine or hand sew onto outer fabric.

Step 4: Pin fabric pieces right sides together. Sew around edges using a 1/4 inch seam. As a novice sewer, I found this step to be tricky, but just took my time, leaving the needle and lifting the foot to make my way around corners. Leave a 1/2 inch space at the top center to turn fabric and add ribbon.

Step 5: Cut threads, then turn fabric by pulling through the space at the top. Right sides of fabric will now be facing out. A pair of scissors can help with this process if necessary.

Step 6: Take ribbon and fold in half. If you are using a key chain loop, you can add it in now. Insert raw ends of ribbon into 1/2 whole at top center, center, then pin in place. Hand sew hole closed using a blind stitch and sew ribbon inside key chain/ornament.

Step 7: Following your markings or, by eyeing, select a position for your snaps. If you are new to snaps, I highly recommend practicing a few times on scrap fabric first. You can also refer to this handy Guide to Snaps by KAM Snaps.

Tip: If you are using fleece or another thick fabric, consider using something to create your hole first, as shown in the photo. This will ensure that the snap point is not impeded by the fabric and your cap goes through all layers.

Following the instructions for your snap press or pliers, insert snaps evenly. Put the studs on the diaper wings and the sockets on the diaper waist. I like my snaps a bit farther out (as indicated on the pattern) so that the diaper has some shape while hanging. Play with the placement to find the form you like best.

Step 8: Connect snaps and – ta da – you have a mini cloth diaper key chain or ornament.

You can really have fun with this simple pattern, depending on the type of fabric you choose. Hearts and candy fabric for Valentine’s Day, Easter eggs and bunnies for Easter, fabric from your favorite de-laminated diaper – the possibilities are really endless!

I would love it if you would share photos of your creations on The Inquisitive Mom Facebook page! Come share the fun.


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    I think I could almost do this! (I am notoriously NOT a sewer…) I wonder if I could do it successfully by hand. Okay, let’s be honest, I just shared this on my Mom’s FB wall asking her to do it for me!

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