Let’s Play The Perfect Cloth Diaper Game

Let’s Play a Game: Imagine that a major cloth diaper company has invited you into a brainstorming session for their next generation cloth diaper.  For the purposes of this meeting, they tell you, anything is fair game. Don’t stress about previous diapers or copyright infringement. Simply think of your favorite cloth diaper features and create your ideal diaper.

My Perfect Cloth Diaper Would Feature:

Double Gussets: When it comes to favorite cloth diaper features, I guess you could say You had

me at double gussets. In my experience, double gussets help keep the mess in and provide an extra line of defense against leaks. I think they also create a more comfortable fit around the legs, allowing the diaper to be snug without cutting into those little thighs.

Elastic at the Back and Tummy: I recently discovered two diapers, The Buttons Cover and The Little Bee Co Be Changed diaper, with these features. They make creating a snug fit simpler and provide an extra line of defense against leaks out the top (great for tummy sleepers).

True One Size: Anyone who has cloth diapered a newborn will tell you that this is the dream. I know that trying to create a diaper that fits from 6 lbs to 35 lbs is tricky business. I would be happy with a one size that fit from 8 lbs on, but 6 would be ideal.

All-in-One with Attached Insert that Folds: I used to like stuffing diapers, but these days I prefer the ease of an AIO. Give me a great AIO with an attached insert, like the Diaper Rite AIO, and I’m a happy girl. I want it to fold to fit without bulk for smaller babies. The floating, foldable insert is also preferable to one that is entirely sewn in because it helps shorten the drying time.

A Slim, Absorbent Insert that Doesn’t Slip Out the Legs: My main complaint with AIOs is that the inserts tend to be a bit wide (to give enough coverage, I’m sure) and peek out the side of the legs. I want an insert that stays in place inside the cover without fuss.

Tummy Panel: Prevent wicking and keep the insert in place? Yes, please.

Snap in Additional Insert: I’ll admit it, I’m lazy. I love it when the extra insert snaps in, so it stays in place and with the diaper while in the wash.

Pocket for Additional Insert: Combine the snap and the pocket, and an AIO becomes a fantastic night time diaper, with plenty of room for absorbency.

Organic and Stay Dry Fabric Options: I appreciate choices and love when diapers offer a variety of fabric options. We’ve had some great success with stay dry fabrics and I always love to see these available in my favorite diapers.

High Quality PUL for the Outer Fabric: Wear, dunk, wash, dry, and wear again. Quality fabrics matter with reusable diapers. To make your investment worthwhile, cloth diapers need to include fabrics that hold up to serious wear and washing.

Super Sticky Aplix with Laundry Tabs: While most of my diapers are now snaps or aplix converted to snaps, I would prefer to have all of my diapers be aplix for simplicity’s sake. Grovia and Rock a Bums have the best aplix I’ve come across so far. Quick aplix is easiest for newborns in the middle of the night, rolling babies, and impatient toddlers. It’s also ideal for training babysitters and the cloth diaper wary.

Unique, Bold Colors and Prints: I love it when companies take risks with patterns and colors, offering vibrant options that don’t look like nursery prints or have names like bubblegum, mint, and baby blue. I absolutely understand the temptation to collect awesome prints!

Affordable: Is no more than $21.99 asking too much? Well, this is my “perfect” diaper and I often find that beyond this price is always a challenge for families new to cloth to wrap their minds around.

Supports an Ethical Business: The cloth diapering world is full of opportunities to support ethical businesses. I prefer to have my purchase support ethical working conditions, charitable contributions, or a small business.

Now it’s YOUR turn! Share your perfect diaper. What am I missing?


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    Snaps, but a million of them all the way across for the perfect fit! Harry Potter/Hunger Games/CTR/LDS/Chess print (the prints I’m always on the hunt for). Affordable. adjustable leg sizes. elastic on front and back. Double gussets. Super soft organic cottton/bamboo/hemp interior– an AIO with an “optional” pocket for extra night-time absorbency.

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