The Screaming DNA

Scientists looking to study the DNA related to screaming need look no further than our house. Ezra came into this world kicking and screaming and he’s remained consistent ever since. His life philosophy seems to be, “If you can yell it, why speak it?” He yells when he’s happy, sad, mad, and sometimes just because.

Last night at the dinner table, Ella volunteers to pray over our meal.  Ezra, in classic fashion, keeps talking, then banging his fork. Why be reverent if you’re not the one praying, right? I take the fork, he begins screaming, and the prayer takes a pointed turn:
Ella: (pauses mid prayer) “And please help Ezra that he’ll stop screaming all of the time.”
She then opens her eyes to take a quick peak at Kai in his high chair and continues.
Ella: “And please help Kai that he’ll stay cute as he gets older.”

Don’t get me wrong – Ezra is all kinds of cute. He’s sweet, clever, funny, and creative. Ezra gives amazing hugs and is an awesome playmate. But he has a volcanic temper and he screams. A lot. He even screams out in his sleep – my mom slept in my kid’s room on her vacation and says it’s up to 3 times per night. Interestingly enough, he mostly screams with his family and friends he feels very comfortable with.  Apparently, he’s a great kid to babysit.

His vocabulary is growing and he can talk up a storm, so the communication barrier argument doesn’t really explain it anymore. I also know from experience that 3 beats out 2 as far as emotional explosions any day. I think we will just need to ride this one out as he learns to accept boundaries, appreciate consequences, and use his words at lower decimals.  I’m working to make sure we have good balance so he has dedicated play time with mommy, not too much tv, preschool time, and play time with friends. These are the things I believe can soothe the beast over time – at least blogging mommy does. Real life mommy isn’t so sure I’ll keep my sanity in the meantime. Hopefully I won’t pull my hair out in the process!

Wish me luck…Oh, and check out this post to read about his crazy, vivid dreams involving me falling down the kitchen sink!

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  1. He is intelligent and adorable, but he is still shy around me – very little screaming.

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