Nifty Nappy Printable Instrucitons for Washing and Lanolizing Wool Covers, Plus a Video

Using wool diaper covers can seem overwhelming and complicated. The price is a bit higher than many PUL covers on the market, so it’s a big investment to try wool and see if you like it. You also can’t simply toss wool covers in with your regular wash. They need to be lanolized and specially cared for. Plus,the question always comes up: “Isn’t wool itchy and hot?”

Despite these perceived issues, many cloth diapering families swear by wool. I honestly would have given up night time cloth diapering entirely if not for wool’s ability to wick away moisture. I learned about wool and decided to give it a try mainly due to Vilate Thacker, the creator of Nifty Nappy Diapers. She is a mom of 6 and she created and perfected her fitteds and wool covers based on years of experience. Vilate is no longer making cloth diapers, but you can continue to purchase them from cottage licensees, and she offers some terrific Nifty Nappy wool care products on her facebook page.

I always reference Vilate’s wool care instructions when taking care of my wool and share them with others as a handy reference. I realized recently that they are only accessible on her Nifty Nappy facebook page and asked if I could share them here as guides and printable instructions. She generously agreed and sent me a link to this helpful video as well.

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Quick Links to Guides:
Why Choose Wool for Cloth Diaper Covers
Instructions for Washing and Lanolizing Wool Covers

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    I really wish our kids had been closer in age. You have the best info on the cloth diaper world, and we just didn’t have many choices when my son was in them! There were only about two kinds of diaper covers you could get and that was it! (That said, I’m not starting over, though. :)

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