The Day We Packed the Cloth Diapers Away

We are not diapering anyone for the first time in seven years. I realized this while packing up the cloth diapers and had to pause for a moment to mark the occasion. Over the past seven years, we have diapered three children, with an overlap each time a new baby arrived. That is a lot of diaper changes – 6,000 to 8,000 changes per child.

Packing away our cloth diapers for the first time in more than four years, I’m amazed by how much our stash of diapers has grown since my first purchase. Those first diapers have lasted over

the years, with some aplix converted to snaps and some being moved to the back of the drawer in favor of new favorites. New diapers have joined them, many from awesome review opportunities, others from irresistible sales.

We used disposable diapers with our first child before trying cloth diapers when our second (now 5) was 8 months. When we stopped purchasing disposable diapers for Ella, I only felt elation. That left us with just one child in diapers and reduced our diaper bill tremendously. When Ezra potty trained, we still had his baby brother in cloth diapers. I felt such relief to just wash diapers for one child and to no longer adjust sizing for each child.

This time around, I thought I might feel some pangs packing up those cloth diapers. After all, we’ve never totally put away diapers before. There’s always been the next baby to change. I thought I might feel sad because this seems the usual reaction I see on forums. Honestly, all I feel is relief.

Perhaps it’s because I suspect that the box isn’t being put away permanently and the diapers aren’t ready to donate just yet. But a big part of me is relieved to be done with diaper laundry for now and excited to see Kai gain independence using the potty.

What does this mean for cloth diapers and The Inquisitive Mom blog? Well, you can still expect me to advocate and talk cloth diapers. I’ll also continue to give away cloth diapers, keep up with cloth trends, host twitter parties, and write guest posts on The Cloth Diaper Whisperer. Plus, if we ever bring those diapers back into circulation, you’ll be the first to know how it feels!

Have you packed cloth diapers away permanently or for a time? How did you react? Was it difficult? Easy? Did you sell, donate, or gift to a friend?


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    I remember this feeling all to well and the excitedment of being able to get the box back out again! I can also attest to the fact that not having to do laundery is a nice break.

    I look forward to seeing how your blog changes! I have no doubt you have some amazing ideas!

    And Congratulations Kai!

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    I’m not looking forward to the day. I need to talk my husband into another one so that I don’t have to. fter another 3 years of diapers, I’m pretty sure I would be happy to be done.

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    I know it’s going to be really hard for me to pack my diapers away for good…..because I know it will mean no more newborns. Sob! But less laundry? Yes, that’s something to be glad about!

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    My Mom and my Aunt both packed away cloth diapers and SAVED THEM FOR ME! I am not ready to pack ours up… I’m hoping to get pregnant before that… at least one more time :) And THEN I’ll be sharing and lending my stash til it’s all worn out.

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