A Rare Cloth Diaper Find – To Keep or Not to Keep?

I had a few minutes to myself (!)_last week and decided to pop into a local consignment store to peek at maternity clothes. This particular shop carries used cloth diapers, so I decided to just take a peek. I don’t really need new diapers, but sometimes it’s fun just to look, especially since I would love to transition to more AIOS/AI2s with my next baby.

While searching through the bins, I mainly came uncross unfamiliar brands, odd pricing, and shot aplix. While browsing, a couple of familiar colors caught my eye – were these Bum Genius diapers? I pulled a blue, then a yellow, diaper from the stash and peered at the tags. Sure enough, these were Bum Genius in good condition, with minor staining.

I have only owned Freetimes, 3.0s, and 4.0s, so I wasn’t what version I was looking at. They were clearly AIOs, but the lining was completely attached, unlike my Freetimes with their wing-like attached insert. The tags said $5 a piece, so I decided to take a chance and bought them, thinking this was a great price for used Bum Genius diapers in good condition, no matter the style.

The diapers came home with me and I decided to defer to Bum Genius experts on my Facebook page, posting this:

A Rare Cloth Diaper Find - To Keep or Not to Keep?
It wasn’t long before I realized that I’d made an “elemental” typo – adding Freetime instead of Elemental, when the inside tag clearly said Organic Cotton and I recognized the difference.
Readers responded with enthusiasm – first kindly correcting my error, then confirming that they are indeed OBGEs in good condition and I’d scored! Apparently, these are beloved in the cloth diapering community and you haven’t lived until you’ve tried them. I am inclined to save them to try with baby #4 coming in October. When I told my husband that they could potentially sell for a much better price, he asked Are you keeping them?

So, my friends, once again I turn to you. Love them? Overrated? Did I get a good deal? Should I keep them (at least for a little while) or sell? What say you?


  1. says

    it depends on if baby is #1 sensitive skinned and #2 heavy wetter.

    for those 2 things, not so good. for anything else, they are pretty good.

    i have some i’d love to sell, but I’m worried of scammers. SIGH.

  2. says

    you could definitely make a decent profit by selling them for market value, but i personally would keep them. i like the old style MUCH better than the new style so i would be like a kid on christmas morning =D


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